Group Leaders

Our job is to make your job easy

As a World Youth Day group leader, your job is to be the shepherd who gathers the sheep. We take care of the rest.

  • We create and produce attractive promotional brochures as well as color posters.
  • We manage all invoicing.
  • We arrange the airline reservations, hotels, buses, guides, and meals — even private daily Mass reservations.
  • We ship all travel documents directly to you, and coordinate and lead your pilgrimage from the moment you take off to the time you return home.

Seven reasons to make your World Youth Day pilgrimage

with Catholic Travel Centre

Big Enough and Small Enough
Catholic Travel Centre is big enough to be able to secure volume discounted pricing for your tour, and small enough to give you all the personal attention you need in leading your group.

Customized Itineraries
We offer you the opportunity to create a 100 percent customized itinerary that exactly suits the needs of your group. Few religious group travel companies can offer you this capacity.

Sales and Financial Assistance
We offer you a variety of tools to help you promote your pilgrimage tour: full-color brochures and registration forms, bulletin inserts for your weekly church bulletin, bulletin announcements for advertising your pilgrimage tour in your weekly bulletin, and posters for the parish bulletin board. We also manage all collection of funds from the group leaders. This way you can focus on recruiting the group members. We do the rest.

Since our founding in 1991, we have been customizing religious group tours for over 1,000 Catholic organizations. We willingly share this knowledge with you in creating your customized itinerary.

Reputation & Experience
Over 80 percent of our clients/group leaders are repeat group leaders from previous years or are referred to us by our family of repeat group leaders. Some group leaders have led over 15 different tours with us. Clients are loyal to Catholic Travel Centre because they have not found better options elsewhere, and they trust the service they receive is a good value for their investment. We feel that our experience is unrivaled in the religious travel market.

Our moniker as “The Most Trusted Name in Religious Group Travel” has been earned because we deliver what we promise. And more.

We understand that a religious group tour is a unique recipe of travel, spiritual enrichment, cultural experiences, and social/community building activities. A successful pilgrimage tour requires just the right mix, and over the years, we feel we have created the perfect recipe to bring your people home fulfilled in body, mind, and soul!

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